Alwin Maigler
Professional Photographer

I’m Alwin Maigler, a professional photographer based in South Germany. My main focus is portrait, reportage and fashion photography. When it comes to shooting people, the most important thing is the relationship between photographer and subject. By finding the right glance, the right light and the right moment, my aim is to capture the very nature of human beings. Real and authentic feeling pictures are my goal – that’s why I choose the subtle and natural look in my post-production.


published in: HUF-Magazine, Vogue Italia, Elléments Magazine, Rekt Magazine, LUCYS Magazine, Artizians Magazine, Le dernier Etage, Overbored, Purple Haze Magazine, Apple Pie Magazine, YAF-Magazine, Merryman Magazine, Kodd Magazine, Dark Snow Magazine, Feroce Magazine, Philocaly Magazine,..