Nothing New but Color, June 2019

‚Nothing New’ is a visual research on the need of always producing more in fashion. More products, faster collections, new concepts, aesthetics, silhouettes, forms. Resulting in even faster trends every season. Stopping that hustle, one starts to ask questions. Is the new always the better? Do I need to participate in this? Looking back at their past collections, Madeleine Mesam and Annika Klaas really liked the aesthetics of them, realizing that there is not the need to bring new aesthetics every collection. ‚Nothing new’ is the outcome of styling all of their past collections together resulting in an eclectic mix of colors and materials, prints and silhouettes. It serves as an inspiration for upcoming collections that are based on the aesthetics and techniques of their past collections. It values the work they’ve done before and enables them to continuously improve little things, building up on what they’ve learned from past productsand works.Working like this a customer could build up a wardrobe over time, investing in one or two pieces every season, that are completing his consisting wardrobe instead of exchanging it.There is also the idea that life consists of so many contrasts, details and complexities that make a human being and their story, so there is no possibility to renew oneself or one’s wardrobe without incorporating all of these experiences and nuances, whether it happens consciously or subconsciously.As every collection and project that is being used tells their own story, nowthe aim is to develop a collection like a collage, with a mood that tells a lot of different stories at the same time.