Cynthia van Strate from Argentina grew up with four siblings in a middle-class neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. She describes her childhood as a treasure and loves being part of a big family. At the age of 16, she participated in a TV show, called “Argentina’s Next Top Model”, where she didn’t expect to go far. But her fate must have been written, because she was one of the finalists and from that point on she started her career as a model.
She always wanted to travel, so she used her career to travel as much as she could. Nevertheless she supported and financed her studies with her modeling career. She studied Economics at the University of Buenos Aires. During one of her work trips to Hamburg, she met a man in a bar in Sternschanze who changed her life. The pair managed a long-distance relationship for two years until they decided to spend their lives together!
In June 2017 they were happily married and got pregnant. It was always was a big dream of Cynthia’s to build a family. But pregnancy was not easy. After two miscarriages she was diagnosed with thrombophilia, a blood disease that can cause clotting and vein thrombosis which can harm pregnancy. By talking openly about thrombophilia she aims to raise more awareness for the underestimated disease. Happily, doctors were able to treat Cynthia with heparin, a medication which is used as an anticoagulant, ultimately allowing her to be eight months pregnant with a healthy baby boy!